Friday, April 18, 2008

BEWARE of Thelinkup file storage service - it was previously known as MediaMax and Streamload file storage service is the latest incarnation of MediaMax, previously known as Streamload.

In the transition from Streamload to MediaMax there were many problems. MediaMax lost many files from its supposedly secure servers.

Non-paying users of MediaMax are being told with about a week's notice that if they do not upgrade their accounts to Linkup accounts, they will be deleted and their files will be lost!

If you are thinking of signing up to Thelinkup as a new customer, my advice is DON'T.

Check out first whether it works by coming to this blog. In the meantime, check out the MediaMax users blog. Many customers have so much material archived on MediaMax they
can't easily switch.

To be fair, when MediaMax works it has good features. When it doesn't work it causes heartbreak (seriously - imagine losing the family photos you had entrusted to a file BACKUP service).

MediaMax customer service sucks too.

So be warned. Take a look at:

In the last poll on that blog in January 2008:

  • 70% of voters had extreme problems with MediaMax,
  • 16% significant problems,
  • 9% rare problems and
  • 5% no problems.

However, if everything works out fine and The Linkup changes resolve all the problems, you will read it here first!