Monday, June 30, 2008

The Linkup - the cover up begins again

The Linkup, formerly Mediamax and just as crap, has now disabled comments on its official blog and all past comments have been removed. See:

Why might this be? Well, just read some of the comments here and on the previous users blog for Mediamax and DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO THIS COMPANY!!

Despite being a file back up service it has lost people's files.

It has closed people's accounts and deleted files, with short or no notice.

It promised that files previously hosted on the Mediamax would continue to be available from The Linkup (at least until December 2008). They are not.

Customer service is useless.

Occassionally John Hood will drop by here and will explain how everything is so much better now.

But The Linkup is so proud of their customer feedback they have deleted it from their own blog and disabled comments.

So its back to posting the depressing truth here folks.