Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mediamax hosted links still dead

Mediamax promised that links to hosted files would still work after the re-branding of the site to The Linkup until December 2008. They are not.

At least the 404 file not found message that appeared with the dead links I've been checking has now been changed. The new message is:

MediaMax Hosted File

The file you requested is a MediaMax hosted file. We are presently moving MediaMax files to The Linkup and this file will be available when the process has been completed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Yeah, right. What's the betting this message will appear until December 2008?

No-one asked for this re-branding. It is the attempt of the company to escape its awful image and users once again have to pay the price and suffer the consequencies.

No-one asked for Mediamax to be shut down, so we have to use The Linkup system which is still in beta - and doesn't work, as many people here have noted.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hosted links are dead - abandon The Linkup

My hosted links are dead even though the files have been transferred to The Linkup.

John Hood promised MediaMax links would work until December 2008. Ending them then was enough of a betrayal of customers who have stuck with this company despite all its failings. But links are dead now, today, depite the promises. Sadly, just what we have come to expect as customer service.

I signed up to MediaMax for hosting my podcast. It has now fallen silent. Click on any of the links on various websites and you get a 'page not found' warning.

Thanks guys. I'm off and advising everyone who reads this blog not to sign up to The Linkup.

Use an alternative service. Even if it promises less than The Linkup it can only be better in the long run.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Leave your comments on The Linkup blog

Well MediaMax is now dead and The Linkup, if not properly live, is certainly touting for business.

It bills itself as: "The best place to store and share files on the web."

Maybe if 'store' is taken to mean 'upload with a risk of losing forever and the possibility of having your free account closed down and all files dumped with just a week's notice', which is the service MediaMax provided.

And 'share' has to mean 'share until we decide to change the name to escape our piss poor image in which case links to you files will die when we can no longer be bothered to redirect them'.

One positive development is The Linkup blog accepts comments. So leave them at:

If comments are disabled there, you can use this unofficial blog at:

For a reminder of how MediaMax delivered on its claim to be the best file storage and sharing service see: