Saturday, May 10, 2008

Leave your comments on The Linkup blog

Well MediaMax is now dead and The Linkup, if not properly live, is certainly touting for business.

It bills itself as: "The best place to store and share files on the web."

Maybe if 'store' is taken to mean 'upload with a risk of losing forever and the possibility of having your free account closed down and all files dumped with just a week's notice', which is the service MediaMax provided.

And 'share' has to mean 'share until we decide to change the name to escape our piss poor image in which case links to you files will die when we can no longer be bothered to redirect them'.

One positive development is The Linkup blog accepts comments. So leave them at:

If comments are disabled there, you can use this unofficial blog at:

For a reminder of how MediaMax delivered on its claim to be the best file storage and sharing service see:


Dee said...

They've removed one comments so I don't know what the nature of the comment is.

Their site returns an error.

I'm downloading my stuff and then getting the hell out. It may take awhile. The download speed in the last month was worse than dialup. No response to support questions, no notice that they were switching over.

Think MafiaMax and you'd be on the money.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to leave some scathing and thought-provoking comments at the Linkup site blog, but it requires me to identify myself by showing my blogger identity. No allowance to post as "Anonymous".

Since I have already left some wonderful comments at my blogs for all of the visitors who might be wondering where all of the content went, I'd rather not send the scumbags at the Linkup directly to them (and me).

More unbelievable B.S. from the Linkup. Looking forward to what is next...

Anonymous said... : uselessness that rings true!!
I setup and account and attempted to upload with no luck. It contantly times out and that file that I was upload was only 633MB when they supposedly allow up to 2GB upload file size limit.

I'm using IE 6 sp2 and 7 with updates and Mozilla's newest incarnation.

I really hate to think what would happen if I had some files on there and needed them.

One gets what one pays for I suppose.