Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nirvanix comment

Prior to the new Unofficial Nirvanix Users blog opening Nirvanix was specifically invited to comment on media reports that it was a Nirvanix employee that deleted millions of users files, but in its reply, did not do so. Today it has emailed alleging the TechCrunch article that reproduced a comment apparently from Charlie Jackson is 'inaccurate and libelous'.

Comments on this blog may refer to these allegations, so please see Nirvanix's response, linking to a longer article on its blog, at:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So...tired...of...bullsh*t. Must....take.....break. Will REMEMBER these *ssholes for a LONG TIME, though.

Those parasitic dorks in this infected corporation can SUCK ME. They planned this all along. There was no "accidental deletion" of files. There was no "bad migration", either. It seems obvious that it was a badly-executed way to rid themselves of their cancerous (too much data, too little profit) customers...

Their attitude:
"Come on, don't take it personally, it's just business."

YOU GUYS try not to take it personally when we keep watch for your upcoming business deals, and inform your prospective customers of your checquered past. Just business.

Hmmmm.......electronic picketing. Yea.

Some of your old "cancerous customers" have absolutely nothing better to do than blog and email and WATCH, I'm sure.

Ah, the internet in the 21st century...a nice LEVEL playing field.

Piss off, Streamload Mediamax Linkup TLU Nirvanix