Friday, July 11, 2008

We are stuffed - message from Nirvanix

I have received the following response from Nirvanix. I think those who suggest this has all been a process designed by Streamload to rid itself of historic customers - many of whom had high data volumes - have a point.

---Message from Nirvanix to Luzo Orbit
Dear Mr Orbit,

theLinkUp (TLU) built their applications using Nirvanix as a back end storage platform, connecting their application to our service through an API. Without the TLU application, and its database which maps users to their files Nirvanix cannot decipher which files belong to each user. The same is true for any application interaction with back end storage and is not unique to TLU.

As has been noted by many TLU users, many cannot either find their files or have found that other TLU files are in their accounts. This isn't a physical storage issue but rather TLU has somehow corrupted their database in the build or deployment of the TLU application. Unfortunately, as we are completely separate companies, Nirvanix has had no control over the build, deployment or management of the TLU application nor will we when it is shut down on August 8th, 2008.

For the benefit of TLU customers, Nirvanix has agreed to extend its data services to TLU, at no cost, so that files that are in TLU system can be retrieved during the period stated on their site. After the TLU application ceases, there will be no way to access the files.
Best Regards,

---message ends

This was the request I sent:

From: Luzo Orbit []
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2008 2:50 PM
Subject: Valuable data held on your servers

Dear Nirvanix,

I understand from John Hood of Mediamax/The Linkup that customer files are stored on your servers.

As The Linkup is shortly to close its service, I ask you to preserve customer files on your servers until such time as customers have been able to download these files.

As you are no doubt aware, The Link Up aimed to transfer files held under the previous Mediamax system, but many files (45%) did not arrive in people’s accounts. They are unable to download these from the Link Up user interface and their only hope of recovering these files is directly from Nirvanix.

This data has value and I hope that Nirvanix will respect this and ensure nothing is destroyed without checking with the owners of the data.

I would be grateful if you could provide a statement and guidance on how people can recover their data for the blogs I maintain for Mediamax and The Linkup users.

Best wishes,

Luzo Orbit.


Luzo Orbit said...

I have sent the following reply to Nivanix:

Dear Jonathan,

According to an investor, Charlie Jackson: "Around the time this spin-out was happening, Nirvanix engineers screwed up royally and accidentally deleted half the files. Most were recovered over time, but it took months, and there was never 100% recovery (I never got some of files back)." See:

As the problem with missing data appears to have been caused by Nirvanix, I am surprised that you are unprepared to do more. After all had Nivanix engineers not 'screwed up royally and accidentally deleted half the files' it is unlikely that Mediamax/The Linkup would have gone under.

Once again, I ask that you do nothing to delete this data without the permission of its owners.

Luzo Orbit.

Jabash said...

It is really frustrating to see how cold Nirvanix is acting. The files are there, why not throw us a bone and promise they will not be deleted even beyond Aug 8.

I still don't know why the mediamax frontend cannot be reactivated to try to retrieve the file prior to the switch.

The least Nirvanix could say is, we would like to help you, as a courtesy, but we can't yadda yadda.

I think there was a major personality clash and Nirvanix has no heart to help tlu. They obviously all know each other regardless if they are legally related in any way.

Jeez, they could even say, look, this is what it would take to get the files but it would cost x dollars. We do not want to spend this money because it is not our fault, but if someone stepped in then we would help.

I really think we could use a lot less finger pointing.

Anonymous said...

This story is moving from farce to scandal...

These two companies, their strange relationship and the whole puzzling way that these migrations have happened need to be INVESTIGATED!!

Who can do this? Is there an official body or an online regulator that can do this?

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Buckley at Nirvanix cannot be trusted. This is more lies from Nirvanix.

Iceage said...

Again I think it's beating a dead horse here. Nirvanix are a separate company. Legally anyway

I agree the only way in hope of getting anything back is if TLU reestablished MM with the help of Nivanix. But that is not likely as it will cost money.

The relationship and close proximity of these two sister companies is indeed uneasy to us at this end.

Nirvanix statement is not offensive in the least. They may have my data but I bought the services of TLU which is now bankrupt. There is bugger all you can do legally. And if a judge places a hold on the data, then can simply raise their hands up and say, 'we use seperate systems, we can never access that data, only TLU systems can do that." And opps TLU is bust. Nothing to do.

Sorry. I want my stuff back too, and want to see these creeps punished too. But I am struggling to see how its possible.

Apologies for not logging in

spook1958 said...

In this last move they lost 95% of my files. I can live with that, I downloaded the important stuff as I haven't trusted them since streamload.

John Hood, didn't reply to personal emails either.

The irony is that TLU is working better than Mediamax every dreamed of, I can delete and download like never before. I suspect having a large account had a lot to do with the problems I experienced, but they should have allowed me to trim it before the move away from Streamload.

I hope those who did lose important files, can work out some satisfaction.

I also hope that if John Hood ever shows up in another I.T or Customer Service related job, that warnings go out to everyone so we can stay away from that business. I don't think he could have done a worse job without doing it deliberately. It had such potential. I bet he is still blaming everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I agree that TLU worked tons better than MediaMax ever did.. my account worked great and I thought this was the turnaround we've all been waiting for. I lost a few files, but I didn't have an overly bloated account because I don't 'collect' files.. I actually used mine to send things to family and friends and not to hoard.

What I don't understand over the past few months is this need to blame it all on Hood. His emails say he's in charge of customer support, so how do you come to the conclusion that he single handedly ruined the service? Since when does a customer support person run engineering? Seems like this was a decision made by the owner or investors or engineering or someone with some real input. From what I've read, nirvanix plays a part and is just covering themselves by saying they can't do anything. I give Hood a lot of credit. He didn't have to post here, or put up with the abuse he's received, especially since the company went bust. In all the years I've been with Streamload, et al, no one else from the company has even tried to talk to us directly and when he does, all he gets is panned. It's like a bunch of 5 year olds on the playground all ganging up on the new kid. I'd have told the entire lot of us to kiss off a long time ago. Face it, its over. The company is gone, our files are gone, time to move on and get a real life and leave the computer for a change and stop trying to blame one person. For my part, I say thanks to John Hood for at least making the effort and wish him the best. As for nirvanix, I think they'll need help because regardless of how much they deny it, they seem to be a large part of this mess.

Iceage said...

Hmmm, I am sure John Hood would really enjoy your comments " Anonymous said..." If he knew who you were that is.

Really I am too tired to comment on your comments. They're old and have been dealt with in previous posts on the TLU blog. That is before they deleted them.

John Hood was the head of CS and acting as their spokesperson. Ignoring peoples pleas and lieing is not indicative of a good person, or company. As head of CD like it or not you take crap. It's part of the job. WE paid for a service and literally got nothing but our own property stolen from us. And in a lot of cases given to others. People have every right to voice their opinions.

I for one and I know their are others here are glad that we stood up to this company after what happened. If not then in another few years this would have happened again. Maybe next time something more serious could have happened. I know peoples businesses have suffered due to this. Stopping it from happening again is the best thing. And for that we are thankful.

You are luck to have only had a few files with TLU. Imagine paying this company money to host your online music store, or artists work for sale. What do you tell your customers? I don't know if they are coming back. The head of TLU customer service says they will be their soon... two months later its still soon... then the end of june... yeah the hell your own customers are going to wait around for your services.

Beau said...

I pulled what i had left of my files out of MM months ago. I lost plenty, and it hurt but at least the stress was over. My advice to everyone is just put it behind you and get on with your life. Recover what files you can and cancel your credit card. The lost files are gone for ever. Forget about them.

I feel very sorry for everyone who lost files in this mess but for your own sake, move on. Life is too short.