Monday, July 14, 2008

Unofficial Nirvanix users blog

If you are concerned that Nirvanix has your data and you would like it back, see:

To my mind, Nirvanix should show a little more concern for users. If it was a company warehousing house contents I doubt it would be able to dump everything in the incinerator simply because an agent had mislaid some keys and their filing cabinet had fallen over and the index cards had become mixed up. Particularly if the warehousing company was part of the same enterprise when entrusted with the items.


Tom Bassett said...

Good idea.

However, maybe it's just me, when I went to the blog, the user interface was in Spanish.

I can understand it, but some other users may not be able to do so.

Luzo Orbit said...

Interesting. I thought it displayed the viewers default language, but apparently not. It has been changed to English.

SomeoneWhoReallyHatesNirvanix said...

Sorry for duplicating - I posted this on your new Nirvanix blog as well, but I thought it would increase the chances of getting responses if I also posted it here.


Okay, this is the part that is confusing/troubling me.

If I understand all I have read so far correctly, there is a question of some users' files showing up in other users' accounts.

Is it true that this particular snafu only happened during/after the last shift from MediaMax to TLU? ie., that this was not a problem during the previous migration from Streamload to MediaMax?

I had a lot of personal files in my account and some of them included things like passwords and financial information (stupid of me, I know), so I really wish we could have some more light shed on this particular issue.

Secondly, there seem to be comments to the effect that user files may have been retained by Nirvanix on their servers, as though Nirvanix asserted ownership over that data.

Have I misunderstood? Did you actually mean that Nirvanix kept the *software* on which the system operated, but not the user files?

If not... I fail to understand how this can be legal - Nirvanix does not own those files, the users do! So how can it be legal for Nirvanix to insist on keeping those files? Again, this is something that I would really love to have some clarification on - is Nirvanix STILL sitting on all our old files? What the hell do they plan to do with them, since they apparently can't give 'em back to us? It seems pointless that they would allow the data to sit there taking up useful HD space. I would suspect they deleted it long ago. No?

Anyway. I mention this only as a point for any users considering legal action to take into account. Seems like outright theft to me.

I hope some of your other more well-informed readers have some more in-depth info on these issues to share with us!

Anonymous said...

Find out the truth here:

Nirvanix clears the air about what really happened with Mediamax/Linkup

Luzo Orbit said...

It doesn't clear the air at all, I'm afraid. Nirvanix admit they have the Mediamax files that did not make it into The Linkup file management system and technically could give access to them. They say they cannot legally because the file manager belongs to Mediamax - despite the fact that John Hood, Communications Director of Mediamax, said in his parting message that it is up to Mediamax to decide whether they give access or not.

See the Unofficial Nirvanix Users blog for further information as we try to persuade Nirvanix to find a way to sort out this problem.

Come on Nirvanix. You can do it if you really want!